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Founded in 1827, the University of Toronto is very much like the Toronto region itself: a large, multicultural community with a huge number of opportunities and resources.

U of T is organized around neighbourhoods, where smaller gatherings of people come together to learn and think and work and ultimately make those major contributions that address the great global challenges of our time. For general information about campus tours, delegations, maps and directions, visit the University’s Visitors Website.

  • First Nations House is the home for Indigenous U of T students and provides a link to Toronto’s Indigenous communities, offering a number of culturally supportive student services and programs to Indigenous students and the general university community.
  • The Centre for Indigenous Studies (CIS) fosters innovative, participatory research with urban Indigenous peoples and promotes collaborations with Indigenous communities and community organizations. CIS also supports the recruitment and retention of Indigenous undergraduate and graduate students, and is working to enhance the visibility of Indigenous peoples at the University of Toronto.
  • The Medicine Garden gives the community the opportunity to engage in urban agriculture while sharing information about gardening, food security, and the environment.
  • The Office of Integrated Medical Education (OIME) strives to change the way learners, hospitals, faculty and staff understand, and engage with, the delivery of medical education at the University of Toronto.
  • The Faculty of Law Indigenous Initiatives Office has a mandate to strengthen Indigenous voices in the law community and within the legal profession. They play a strong role in promoting cultural initiatives and recruiting Indigenous students.
Students around elder

Credit: Aaron Mason

students in front of campus

Credit: Paul Orenstein

The Indigenous Centre promotes diversity and equity through interfaith initiatives and raises cross-culture awareness. This includes dispelling myths and stereotypes about Indigenous culture, and inviting students, faculty and staff to learn more about Indigenous stories, philosophies and ceremonies.

  • The Indigenous Outreach Program at the Scarborough Campus lets students connect with the Indigenous community on traditional teaching land and experience meaningful opportunities of cultural exchange and dialogue with First Nations peoples.
Students walking down path

Credit: Ken Jones

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Need Help? Contact Us!

The University of Toronto offers an unparalleled array of academic opportunities and experiences.

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